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PT.Sierad Produce,Tbk

PT.Sierad Produce,Tbk
Jalan Raya Parung Km.19 Desa Pamegarsari Kecamatan Parung Kabupaten Bogor - Kabupaten Bogor
Jawa Barat 16330 Indonesia
www.sieradproduce.com Jenis Industri: Peternakan, Perburuan, & Keg yg berhubungan

PT Sierad Produce, Tbk (‘Sierad Produce”) was incorporated on September 6th, 1985 and was formely known as PT Betara Darma Export Import. It was listed at the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 1996 and become one of the largest integrated poultry company in the country. Sierad Produce focuses on its core competencies of feeds production, production of day old chicks (“DOC”), broiler commercial farm, contract growing, slaughtering and production of further processed and value added chicken products. Sierad Produce’s vision is to create sustainable and acceptable returns to its shareholders by becoming the leading integrated poultry based food company in Indonesia.

PT Sierad Produce Tbk (“Company”) was established on September 6, 1985 and named PT Betara Darma Ekspor Impor, initially, the Company engaged in breeding to produce commercial chickens, chicken slaughter and integrated chicken processing with cold storage. As the business growing, the Company executed a strategic action by changing its name into PT Sierad Produce in 1986 and competed in Initial Public Offering (IPO) on December 27, 1996. Shares of the Company are listed at Indonesia Stock Exchange (formerly known as Jakarta Stock Exchange) with “SIPD” ticker code, ever since. To strengthen our distribution network, the Company established PT Transpasifik Niagareksa that is operated in trading sector and commenced its commercial operation in 1995. Next business development was done through acquisition of PT Belfoods Indonesia, a Company operated in frozen food processing industry with current shares ownership of 99.99%. Additionally, to strengthen line of business in distribution and farm equipment trading as well as raw material of feedmill, the Company is supported by PT Sierad Corpora, the Company’s subsidiary which is currently in liquidation.

The Company implements tight bio-security technology, product hygiene assurance and slaughtering process based on Islamic Law. As recognition to our product quality with international standard, the Company has received various certifications, among others, HALAL Certificate from Majelis Ulama Indonesia, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) from Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia, ISO 9001:2008 and SNI ISO 9001:2008 from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, Veterinary Control Number (NKV) from Head of Animal Husbandry Office of West Java Province, Certificate of Good Feedmill Process (CPPB) from Animal Husbandry and Health General Directorate. One of the Company’s laboratory facility, Prolab Diagnotic Laboratory (“Prolab Jabon”) has also obtained Accreditation Certificate from National Accreditacy Committee for the competency as Testing Laboratory. This certification is manifestation of the Company’s effort to maintain and improve our quality while also increase trust from the customers.

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