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SCG, one of the leading ASEAN conglomerates, is offering a one-month internship program to students in Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and the Philippines. The program aims to give participants real work experience and training opportunities at SCG.

SCG International Internship Program Year 2016 (Year 4)

05 January 2016
1583 hari yang lalu
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Administrasi BisnisPendidikan Ilmu SosialTeknik ElektroTeknik IndustriTeknik Kendali (Atau Instrumentasi dan Kontrol)Teknik KimiaTeknik MesinTeknik Pertambangan (Rekayasa Pertambangan)Teknik SipilEkonomiIlmu PolitikPsikologiMarketing
In 2016, 40 selected participants from 5 ASEAN countries will take one-month internship in Thailand.
SCG International Interns will receive the following benefits:
  1. Round trip ticket to Bangkok, Thailand*
  2. Accommodations
  3. 500 Baht (14 US Dollars) allowance/day
  4. Special training program
  5. Project assignment
  6. Participation in SCG’s CSR activities
  7. Sightseeing tour of Thailand
  8. Certificate of completion
*Transportation either by land or air will be provided based on the location of participants’ universities

If you are energetic and willing to learn and want to develop yourself for your future career, then join the SCG International Internship Program. It will help you get real work experience, expose to different work cultures, and grow your network with international friends, which are key to getting great jobs in an increasingly competitive job market.

Applicants will need to have the following qualifications:
  1. Be a citizen of Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia or the Philippines
  2. Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree (For Indonesian, Vietnamese, Myanmar, Cambodian and Filipino).
  3. Pursuing Master’s degree (For Myanmar only)
  4. Major in (or related to)
    • Engineering: Mining, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Automation and Control, Chemical, or Industrial Engineering
    • Business: Business Administration, Economics or Marketing
    • Social Science: Psychology, Political Science, or Social Studies (For Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Cambodian only)
    • Law
  5. Applicants must be studying in their 3rd - 5th year of study when applying (for Bachelor’s degree).

  6. Have a good command of the English language

  7. Be energetic and willing to learn

  8. Can participate in the internship Program in Thailand from July 10 th – Aug 8 th , 2016

Number of participants:
Vietnam: 15
Indonesia: 9
Myanmar: 7
Cambodia: 6
the Philippines: 3
Total: 40


How to apply?

  • Visit www.facebook.com/SCGcareer and fill application form at https://goo.gl/HQIqTt
  • Applicants are required to complete two essays. They must be your original work and MUST have between 400-600 words. Plagiarized essays will not be scored and will be blacklisted from future SCG programs. You can find the essays’ topics below :
    • SCG's business philosophy has 4 core values (1.Adherence to fairness 2.Dedication to excellence 3.Believe in the value of the individuals 4.Concern for social responsibility). In your opinion, which of the four do you think is the most important value in conducting business? Why? You can learn more about SCG's business philosophy at www.scg.co.th
    • Please read the situation and answer the question below.

You have been working in ABC Company for 2 years and are doing great in your career path. One day,

your boss calls you in and tells you he wants to assign you to be a project leader and that you will have to devote all your time to the project. He adds that it will be difficult and challenging but will be a great opportunity for junior staff. You have however just learnt the news that you have been selected for a scholarship for a Master's Degree from your dream university. This comes with the condition you have to participate in a full time program.

You have to choose one option. Which would it be and why?

  • Deadline of submission is February 22 nd , 2016.
  • First-round shortlisted candidates will be contacted by March 17 th , 2016 for an interview

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